Information Fusion and Mining in Python

  • Simple and efficient tools for information fusion
  • Abundant multi-source data mining algorithms
  • Accessible to everybody, and reusable in various contexts
  • Built on scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib
  • Open source, commercially usable

If you use, please cite us.

Machine Learning

Basic machine learning algorithms
  • Data processing, feature selection, dimension reduction
  • Classification, regression algorithms
  • Clustering algorithms, evaluation metrics ...
  • Examples

Network Measures, Operations

Basic measures and operations for networks
  • Size, diameter, density of networks
  • Degree, centrality of nodes
  • Closeness, transitivity of user-pair based links ...
  • Examples

Network Alignment

Aligning networks via shared information entities
  • Supervised network alignment
  • Semi-supervised network alignment
  • Unsupervised network alignment ...
  • Examples

Network Structure Prediction

Inferring potential structure of networks
  • Traditional single-network structure prediction
  • Inter-network structure prediction
  • Collective cold start structure prediction ...
  • Examples

Network Community Detection

Detecting communities formed in networks
  • Traditional single-network community detection
  • Mutual community detection
  • Cold start community detection ...
  • Examples

Information Diffusion

Information propagation models for networks
  • Traditional single-network information diffusion
  • Cross-network information diffusion
  • Random-walk based information diffusion model ...
  • Examples

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing in networks
  • Traditional single-network viral marketing strategies
  • Inter-network viral marketing
  • Tipping user identification ...
  • Examples

Network Embedding

Network structure to vectors
  • Traditional single homogeneous network embedding
  • Heterogeneous network embedding
  • Multiple aligned heterogeneous networks embedding ...
  • Examples