IFM Lab releases the latest academic conference/journal publications regularly to the public for research purposes. is an open-source toolkit released by IFM Lab. It covers state-of-art algorithms for information fusion and data mining.

Fusion Learning is a textbook about informaiton fusion on heterogeneous social networks writteb by IFM Lab.

IFM Lab releases multi-source datasets on Online Social Networks, Knowledge Graphs, Geographical Locations, Bio-Informatics.

Courses about fusion learning are offered by IFM Lab to the students on campus, videos will be released online as well.

Survey papers about data mining, machine learning, social network analysis, knowledge library/graph studies provided by IFM Lab.

Various tutorials about academic research problems, toolkit installation and usage, course projects provided by IFM Lab.

IFM Lab internal resources about the templates of conference papers, program code, and slides.